Nexus3 Disaster Recovery (N3DR) is a tool that is capable of downloading all artifacts from a Nexus3 server and to migrate them to another one.

This project is maintained by 030


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Backup or Migrate an entire Nexus Artifact Server

Download all artifacts at once or migrate automatically from Nexus to Nexus.

Although the Nexus backup and restore documentation indicates that one could backup and restore Nexus, the data seems not to be restored completely as 500 errors occur when an artifact is downloaded from the UI after restore. It could also be possible that some steps were not issued as they have should been. Apart from that, the restore is capable of restoring the Nexus configuration.

N3DR excludes the backup of group repositories and is able to backup all Maven2 and NPM repositories and migrate and/or restore Maven2 artifacts to another Nexus server.

Note: uploads to proxy repositories are not supported by Nexus itself. As a workaround one could create a hosted repository in Nexus and upload the backed up proxy content to it.

The aims of the n3dr tool are:


Download the latest N3DR binary:

cd /tmp && \
curl -L https://github.com/030/n3dr/releases/download/7.1.0/n3dr-ubuntu-latest \
  -o n3dr-ubuntu-latest && \
curl -L https://github.com/030/n3dr/releases/download/7.1.0/\
n3dr-ubuntu-latest.sha512.txt \
  -o n3dr-ubuntu-latest.sha512.txt && \
sha512sum -c n3dr-ubuntu-latest.sha512.txt && \
chmod +x n3dr-ubuntu-latest && \
mv n3dr-ubuntu-latest n3dr && \
./n3dr --version

Adjust the ~/.n3dr/config.yml file:

n3drPass: some-pass
n3drURL: some-url
n3drUser: some-user
showLogo: false

backup all artifacts:

./n3dr repositoriesV2 --backup --directory-prefix /tmp/some-dir

start another nexus3 server:

docker run \
  --rm \
  -d \
  -p 9000:8081 \
  -p 9001:8082 \
  --name nexus3-n3dr \

upload the artifacts to the other nexus server:

./n3dr repositoriesV2 --upload -u admin \
-p $(docker exec -it nexus3-n3dr cat /nexus-data/admin.password) \
-n localhost:9000 --https=false --directory-prefix /tmp/some-dir

repoFormat not detected. Verify whether repo: 'releases' resides in Nexus:

./n3dr configRepository -u admin \
-p $(docker exec -it nexus3-n3dr cat /nexus-data/admin.password) \
-n localhost:9000 --https=false --configRepoName releases \
--configRepoType maven2

repoFormat not detected. Verify whether repo: 'snapshots' resides in Nexus:

./n3dr configRepository -u admin \
-p $(docker exec -it nexus3-n3dr cat /nexus-data/admin.password) \
-n localhost:9000 --https=false --configRepoName snapshots \
--configRepoType maven2 --snapshot


docker stop nexus3-n3dr


Stargazers over time

Stargazers over time